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Pressure Safety Valves

With Farris, a trustworthy valve is only part of our promise. Farris provides customers with total pressure relief management solutions that support a facility’s entire lifecycle, transforming the way you ensure plant safety. Using the power of iPRSM technology and our Farris Engineering Services team, correctly design your pressure relief system to respond to every overpressure scenario.

Pressure Relief Valves 

Since the 1940s, Farris Engineering has designed and produced a wide range of spring-loaded and pilot-operated pressure relief valves. Used as safety devices, PRVs prevent over-pressurization of vessels, pipelines, and equipment, protecting employees, plants and the environment.

iPRSM - Engineering Software 
iPRSM is a unique solution for the design, audit and documentation of both new and existing pressure relief systems, including the associated disposal (flare) system. Farris Engineering Services offers a turnkey safety management solution to customers operating in the process industry. With many years of experience in Pressure Relief Systems Management, Farris Engineering Services provides integrated solutions for all phases of process safety management (PSM) compliance. 



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