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Subsea Valves

Subsea Valves are used in sub-marine environments and forms an important part of a subsea flow infrastructure that can be installed in depths from shallow water usually down to a depth of 30 meters to deep water to a depth down to 4000 meters. Various industries use subsea valves with the oil, sea and gas sectors accounting for the majority of applications. Given the extreme external environmental factors that can be encountered at these depths, the consideration for subsea valves, over regular land based valves include, waterproofing, increase in ambient pressure measured in decibars (dbar) and construction materials that are able to withstand long-term corrosion effects from high salt content seawater.

Subsea Isolation 
WPC represents ATV (Advanced Technology Valves) that provides a range of Subsea Isolation valves and actuators to the oil and gas offshore industry, with a focus on subsea applications. Products include gate, ball, and check valves in sizes from 0.5-in. (1.3-cm) up to 48-in. (1.2 m) and larger, in pressure classes up to 15,000 psi and 20,000 psi (1,034/1,379 bar).

Subsea Control 
WPC represents KOSO Kent Introl Subsea Control Valves that covers a wide range of applications including single or multi-phase production, water/chemical/gas injection, artificial gas lift, anti-surge or closed loop flow control. All control valves and chokes can be provided as non-retrievable or insert retrievable designs. The range is complemented by a full suite of onshore and offshore handling, test and intervention equipment which can be packaged to meet project requirements and be provided on a rental or purchase basis.  

Subsea Ball Valves

Subsea Gate Valves 

Subsea Check Valves

Subsea Control Valves

Subsea Choke Valves