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An update on our response to COVID-19

In light of the changing COVID-19 environment, it is important for you to know that WPC has implemented significant precautions to safeguard the well-being of all employees and visitors to our branches. Our aim is to provide our full range of services as we recognise that business must continue and that we need to support our customers, whilst keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Our teams continue to provide sales, service and parts supply to the highest standard that we can in these trying times.

Though no plan can guarantee uninterrupted service, our plan has allowed us to maintain continuity of operations. Every office is implementing a minimum number of standards and others may implement more based on current local conditions. Our efforts so far have safeguarded our people and enabled us to serve our customers in nearly all locations. To date, we have supported the movement of urgent orders, expedited critical goods, and offered tailored solutions to minimise supply chain impacts. We will continue to monitor the situation as conditions are evolving rapidly.

While we have no confirmed cases of infection among our employees at this time, we continue to implement precautionary measures. Some of the key measures include the following:

• Social distancing, including having a portion of each staff operating remotely;
• Enhanced personal hygiene controls;
• Restrictions on local and international travel; and
• Implementation of our incident response plans at all our facilities using a practical approach.

We urge you to continue to remain confident and continue your bookings and orders with us. We will notify you if we anticipate any issues as we aim to keep any disruption to a minimum.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your account representative or the local office on the following numbers.

Western Australia - Office/Workshop
HEAD OFFICE/CANNING VALE Tel: +618 9455 3599
KARRATHA Tel: +618 9144 4448

South Australia - Adelaide Office
ADELAIDE Tel: +618 8126 0900

Victoria - Office/Workshop
HALLAM Tel: +613 8795 7634
WURRUK Tel: +613 5144 2633

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