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Metals & Mining

Metals and Mining industry is arguably the hardest on equipment due to the extreme processing environments encountered at mining operations where exposure to vibration, shock, and dust is virtually non-stop. WPC’s Reliability Based Valve selection and Condition Based Monitoring Platforms help to prevent unplanned shutdowns, improving Safety, Availability and reducing cost of production.

WPC Metals and Mining Division provides the products and services for Mill and Refinery personnel to maximise equipment reliability:

Severe Service Knife Gate Valves

• Zero Leakage
• Full Round Port
• Full Flange
• Bi-Directional
• Secondary Metal Seat
• Dual Transverse Seal
• Optional Replaceable Wear Ring
• Non-Rising Stem
• 100% Rebuildable

Severe Service Slurry Control Valves 

• Custom engineered
• Centralized flow
• Extreme abrasion resistance
• Patented trim design
• Field replaceable wear components
• Zero damage to valve body
• Reduced piping wear
• Reduced downtime and maintenance
• State-of-the-art 3D/CFD software
• Dozens of standard and exotic materials



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