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Project Certainty

Collaborating in a Main Valve Contractor (MVC) Partnership with WPC will deliver Project Certainty by eliminating cost, reducing complexity and accommodating changes safely and efficiently.

“Co-operation, Co-ordination, Consistency and Consolidation is Capital Efficiency”

  • Early project engagement to understand and support the achievement of project milestones
  • MVC coordinates between Client, EPC and EPC selected package vendors with principle factories;
  • Global Direct Factory Access to best in class brands
  • Consolidate equipment specifications and scope of supply
  • Consolidate procurement, expediting and logistics management to reduce overhead costs
  • Consolidate the below low line item costs such as FAT, Documentation Processing and Quality Certification.
  • Concurrent work streams on Multiple Packages improves capital efficiency and project deliverables
  • Reduced requirement for Factory audits and qualification
  • Open Price Book benchmarking
  • Capital Spare Parts eliminated through project wide reliability analysis
  • Early agreement on project deliverables with principle factories




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