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"At WPC we firmly believe that valve service is the art of restoring a valve to its original factory condition, ensuring that the valve's performance contributes to the profitability and safety of the process loop"™


WPC Valve Lifecycle Services can help you channel your maintenance dollars into identifying the valves that actually need work before they fail. Valve Diagnostic Services identify maintenance priorities to assist your development of a proactive plan detailing when devices should be repaired or replaced with next generation technologies. WPC Valve Lifecycle Services is committed to handling your maintenance needs for repair and restoration of your Control, Safety Relief and Isolation valves. WPC technicians are OEM certified and work with you to maintain your valves through proper original equipment manufacturer (OEM) procedures and parts, ensuring your valves are rebuilt to factory standards and instruments meet the requirements for hazardous area classification. Our Certified Repair program helps you keep your processes safe, productivity high, and costs low throughout the lifecycle of your plant.

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  • Encore Program
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  • ValveLink
  • Valve Seat Leak Detection
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