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Choke Valves 

 Surface Chokes

Kentintrol Series 73 surface choke valve offers a unique solution for the majority of choke applications in the oil and gas industry. The flexible valve design can incorporate many different trim and body material options to suit differing flow rates and in-service conditions.

Sizes: 1" to 16" (25mm to 400mm)

Ratings: ASME 600 to 4,500/API6A 3,000 to 15,000

Designed and manufactured to ASME B16.34/API 6A/ISO 10423.

Choose from numerous trim designs, from single-stage, high-capacity to multi-stage, low noise trim and anti-cavitation.

Patented sand-resistant LCV trim design.

Choke valve design has inherently high capacity and range ability.


 Kentintrol Choke Valves

Choke Valves   Choke Valves