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Severe Service Control Valves

Fisher Severe Service Control valves are designed to cope with cavitation, abrasion, flashing, high pressure drop or noise caused by process conditions, in these applications control valves have specific design features which take these factors into account. The design of a Severe Service Valve uses the following methods to provide valves capable of handling the severe service process conditions.

Aerodynamic Noise Control

Fisher offer specially designed valve trims that employ various mechanisms to reduce gas, steam or vapour flow noise levels. These valves can help to improve employee safety and extend equipment life by reducing the instability and pipeline vibration that can shorten equipment life.

Cavitation Control

Cavitation is problem for process plant operators because it can lead to unplanned plant availability. Cavitation can lead to excessive noise and vibration that can cause material damage and also lead to a reduce flow capacity through the control valve. Cavitation is a condition that happens in liquid flow only and might lead to choke flow conditions. Fisher cavitation control technologies have solutions both for dirty and clean service valves.

Anti Surge Engineered Solutions

Fisher Engineered solution valves include large size valves, special pressure class valves, special body or trim material configurations and materials such as anti surge valves. Compressor Anti-Surge protection is required on all continuous-flow (centrifugal and axial) compressors. These units are used in natural gas pipeline, LNG refrigerant, and chemical / petrochemical processes. These control valves are critical in these applications and they need to comply with fast stroking speed and valve reaction must be quick.

Steam Conditioning

Fisher steam conditioning valves controls both steam pressure reduction and steam temperature reduction in a single body or separate units. Applications include steam letdown stations, steam turbine bypass, and steam dump to condenser.



Video - Optimized Antisurge Control Simulator