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Control Valves

"At WPC we firmly believe that Control valves are not valves, but high precision instruments that contribute to the safety and operational success of our clients process plants" ™

Control valves are components used in process control loops to regulate process variables such as flow, liquid levels, pressure, temperature etc. The most common Control valve in the process control industries is the control valve. Control valves are the most important, but sometimes the most neglected, part of a control loop. The reason is usually that sizing, selection and maintenance of control valves comprises a multi engineering approach, disciplines such as instrumentation, metallurgy, noise control, fluid dynamics, piping and vessel design have to be taken into consideration. This makes the control valve the most important, but sometimes the least understood, part of an automatic process control loop.

WPC proudly represents Fisher® Control Valves, the industry-leading manufacturer of control valves, controllers and instruments.

General Service Control Valves

  • Sliding Stem Valves
  • Rotary Valves
  • Sanitary Valves

Postioners, Instrumentation and Accessories

  • Level Switches / Sensors / Transmitters / Controllers
  • Pressure & Temperature Controllers
  • Valve Accessories
  • Electro-Pneumatic & Pneumatic

Severe Service Control Valves

  • Noise Control
  • Cavitation Control
  • Steam Conditioning
  • Anti Surge Solutions

Digital Valve Controllers

  • Fisher FIELDVUE ValveLink Software
  • FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Communication
  • HART® Communication Protocol
  • PROFIBUS PA Communication Protocol

Choke Valves

  • Surface Well head Chokes
  • Process Chokes
Fisher Valve 

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